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"Chengdu Cool: The Rise of Sichuan's Homegrown Hip-Hop," August 29, 2018 (Guernica Magazine)

The city of Chengdu is raising China’s new generation of rappers. They are playful, provocative and boldly assert a distinct regional sound that the public has not heard before. 


China embraces a revolution in genetic testing, seeking answers on destiny and identity, September 27th, 2018 (STAT News)

Much of Chinese consumers’ interest in genetic testing is rooted in a strong belief that genetics can explain their identity — not only their risk of disease or ancestral origins, but also their personality, their likes and dislikes, and their future.


"A Taiwanese Literary Landmark Comes to China's Venice," September 28, 2016 (Foreign Policy Magazine)

"The new bookstore from chain Eslite, known for offering yoga and tea lattes, will inevitably include a side of censorship." 

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"The Many Masks of Sabir Abdussabbur,"   April 8, 2016, Winner of the Wallace Prize (The Yale Daily News Magazine)

"Sabir began to wear the mask every day. He walks out of the house every day, preparing to be scrutinised, stared at, misunderstood. How does it feel, darting through the city, as the physical archetype of the feared, unknown other?


Unwrapping Major Gifts," September 8, 2017 (The New Journal)

"How have universities like Yale had to adapt when increasing portions of significant donations come from international donors – in particular, from wealthy Chinese philanthropists?"


"The Green Turtles," April 22, 2016 (China Hands Magazine, The Huffington Post)

"If most Chinese students are looking for a surefire path to prestige and financial success, who are these handful of students trickling through the Yale School Forestry each year? What drives them? What will compel them to stay or lure them back home?"

"China's Nouveau Riche Have Landed on America's Campuses," September 1, 2015 (Foreign Policy Magazine)

"Chinese students abroad used to be seen as diligent, penny-pinching, and idealistic. No longer."