China's AI Dreams Aren't For Everyone.jpg

China’s AI Dreams Aren’t For Everyone (Foreign Policy Magazine)

The Chinese government has big plans for artificial intelligence. Can it make them a reality in its education system?


China in unfamiliar territory as rust belt cities flatline (The Guardian)

Harbin is better understood not as a city in decline so much as a city playing catch-up


An architect rebuilds his city’s lost heritage piece by piece (Goldthread)

Walking through the streets of this northeastern Chinese city—known for its long, harsh winters and Russian heritage—feels like walking through a place caught between its bygone past and an uncertain future, a city compelled but not quite willing to move on.


The Chinese Farmer Who Live-Streamed Her Life and Made a Fortune (The New Yorker)

On the live-streaming app Kuaishou — an alternative source of income for the population most vulnerable to China’s technological rise.


Pharma Valley, China’s equivalent of Kendall Square, is expanding rapidly (STAT News)

A profile of Shanghai’s Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, otherwise known as Pharma Valley, or China’s Kendall Square, the epicenter of the country’s biotech industry, where scaffolding sprouts like weeds.


China embraces a revolution in genetic testing, seeking answers on destiny and identity (STAT News)

Much of Chinese consumers’ interest in genetic testing is rooted in a strong belief that genetics can explain their identity — not only their risk of disease or ancestral origins, but also their personality, their likes and dislikes, and their future.


"A Taiwanese Literary Landmark Comes to China's Venice" (Foreign Policy Magazine)

"The new bookstore from chain Eslite, known for offering yoga and tea lattes, will inevitably include a side of censorship." 


Unwrapping Major Gifts" (The New Journal)

"How have universities like Yale had to adapt when increasing portions of significant donations come from international donors – in particular, from wealthy Chinese philanthropists?"

"China's Nouveau Riche Have Landed on America's Campuses" (Foreign Policy Magazine)

"Chinese students abroad used to be seen as diligent, penny-pinching, and idealistic. No longer."