An art gallery buried on China’s Beach (The Economist)

Reviewing UCCA Dune, China’s newest contemporary art gallery, buried beneath a sand dune, in the beach town of Beidaihe.


Surveying China’s Livestreaming Economy (The Economist)

Reviewing “People’s Republic of Desire,” a documentary that delves into the inner workings of China’s booming live-streaming industry.


The Chinese Farmer Who Live-Streamed Her Life and Made a Fortune (The New Yorker)

On the live-streaming app Kuaishou — an alternative source of income for the population most vulnerable to China’s technological rise.


Recycling in Paradise (Off Assignment)

On the Taiwanese recycling system and communities in flux, loss and letting go.


The Emperor Stole My Hot Swipe (Popula)

Learning to navigate life and and love in a city where the internet wants you to fail.


Slow Burn: The Rise of Chinese-American Rapper Bohan Phoenix (The LA Review of Books)

A cultural mongrel, the Chinese-American rapper Bohan Phoenix is referred to as the rapper who “bridges the East and the West.” But the reality is more complex.

Suzhou Garden Chic, Evolved  (SupChina)

Marco Polo called it "the Venice of the Orient," while ancient Chinese compared it with heaven. Take a lap around this 2,500-year-old city and understand why Suzhou is celebrated for its carefully pruned perfection.




"Shantytown" (These Fifty States)

Journeys to "Shantytown," an abandoned dumpster turned communal garden in Fair Haven. A story about a half-year search for Curtis Libert, its enigmatic creator and custodian.



"Tiptoeing Around the Great Firewall of China"  (The Yale Daily News)

Grappling with the issue of censorship: how do you tell true and powerful stories in a system of rigid constraints?