Slow Burn: The Rise of Chinese-American Rapper Bohan Phoenix (The LA Review of Books)

Straddling two cultures, Bohan is referred to as the rapper who “bridges the East and the West.” But the label oversimplifies dual identity. The reality is messier. The cost of moving back and forth is an identity that fails to cohere in his lyrics: “Too foreign for here, too foreign for home”/ You are a child from where?”


Suzhou Garden Chic, Evolved  (SupChina)

The Suzhou Museum 2.jpg

Marco Polo called it "the Venice of the Orient," while ancient Chinese compared it with heaven. Take a lap around this 2,500-year-old city — its dignified gardens and upstart districts — and you might understand why Suzhou is celebrated for its carefully pruned perfection.




"Shantytown" (These Fifty States)


Journeys to "Shantytown," an abandoned dumpster turned communal garden in Fair Haven, and alternative home for many members of the Fair Haven community. This is a story about a half-year search for Curtis, its enigmatic creator, custodian and architect.  


"Tiptoeing Around the Great Firewall of China"  (The Yale Daily News)


Untangling the knotty issue of censorship: ridiculously frustrating, perpetually fascinating. How does one go about telling true stories in a system of rigid constraints?